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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  March 6, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PST

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welcome to this.the >> a sanfrancisco woman is mourning for the brother in law that was her nephew. also an update on the pink slips being handed out >> what is so funny about a nose. we will meet the founder of clowns without borders. it is kind of
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funny. >> alright, the weather. not much happening. wet weather over night. a lot of overcast and weather will stick around for a while >> yes still wet in some areas. bryan has the forecast. >> good sunday morning to you. the worst of the rain in the morning, gradually improving through out the day. occasional showers. on the decrease through this
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eveing. high temps this evening. mid - upper 50's for redwood city, san jose. more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. it might have been slick roads and high speeds that led to an accident after midnight. the driver crossed the lane and drove into oncoming traffic, 5 or 6 cars involved. on person died. >> all of a sudden i saw lights veer over into the lane. i got hit. spun across
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the road. >> it happened so fast. it was raining, maybe a faotr? >> drivers need to slow down there speed. >> oth lanes of traffic w ere reopened. >> a sherrif deputy is behind bars. stephen tanabi is a veteran officer. >> stephen was booked and charged with 4 counts, including possesion of an assault weapon. it is on the heels of the arrest of norman welch and chris
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buttler, they were part of a team. prosecuters allege they were running a scheme: stealing drugs out of medicaevidence laockers and selling them. contracosta sherrif says the arrest is a sad day. he was placed on administrative leave with bail at $260 000 >> secutriy is higher for
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caltrans. a man was waiting for a train when 15 people beat and robbed him. police have not found the surveillance video yet, a white car was spotted leaving the scene. >> desmond cattutut will be speaking out about colleges facing deep cuts accross the country. he recently spoke about the uprising in egyp t. >> still ahead, update on
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lybia. >> first, a live look at san jose. a wet one. more rain. we will here more coming up
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>> and we are back, live look at bay bridge. where are the headlightsé >> the latest in lybia, regime forces opening up with troups. happening in mastrado, east of the capitol. here is video of supporters, broadcast on
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state tv. on saturday they captured the port city. it is prompting the state department sending warnings. they should avoid going to yemen, the threat of terrorism is high, it came after a gunman klilled gaurd soldioers. >> a welcome home for a soldier. an occasion to mark his birthday. >> the sweet sounds were for a young man, joe burns, he arrived friday night.
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>> (singing) god bless america >> glad to be home. you are awesome to do this for me! >> it is painful to watch your son not walk the way he used to. >> he was in afganistan, everything took a sudden turn. >> hwe were just doing our job. (cheering & applause) as for walking, mom is focused on one thing at a
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time. >> i washed his toes! they were the only thing sticking out of the cast. >> for now, reporting, jr stone. >> alright, it is 8:13. >> my next guess is a clown. really. clowns without borders. it is not scary, it is helpful, coming up!
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>> we are back, turning to the weather. it was wet! a line of storms rolling
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through lousiana. some prades shortened during mardi gras, officially on tuesday >> we have had our own share of wet weather. look, the headlights are on! very important. >> mid sunday morning, twet weather, a few pockets of heavey rain, bulk will be out, occasional showers with things continuing to wind
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down, changing for next week. here is how it looks. monday, cooler and sunny, in the wwake of the season. winds will crank up gusting 30-40 mph. mostly sunny. low to mid 60 s. rain reunrns thrusdurs. futurecast shows green, that is rain coming down, notice no yellow, it
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will be light and scattered. a few heavier showers in the afternoon. wastch the trend through out the evening. quieting down by 11. the sierra will drop snow but the sno levels are high. 6000 feet, dropping tomorrow to 3000 feet,. isa foot or more of snow. cool in northdbay, mid 50 s with periods of rain. here is the 7 day. mondaya, blustery
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brisk with strong winds, watch the temps take a dip. come back up for tues, and wed. rain on thursday. >> thank you! whatever happened to clowns. they used to be funny, now they represent fear and terrror! here to defend clowning is a master of clowning, his name is moscia cullins. he started breaking news, this just into the kron 4 news, >>33 years ago. he is a no =-no clown. has
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>> whatsomething changedé >> it has to do with television. (laughter) actually, the large performance receded and the live tradition that was so prelevant dissipated in our understanding of clowns. ronald mcdonald bozo and circus clowns came into play. it was made for being seen in a distance. it can
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be scarey. >> you believe it is theruputic. >> yes, a great movement of social clowning. the hospitals, and visiting elders and children. >> these are not white faced red nosed cloewns. >> right, it is about bringing in humour. we bring levety into these situations. >> what can you do with a sick child. first you ask can i come in ow do you not
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scare them. >> the hat trick, kids will laugh. i have played with audiences of 10 000 and we brought in celebration to a refuge camp. >> so, you clown your zen. for ten years now. zen is serious. it is ok. people are supposed to laugh. >> no you do not laugh at zen, you stay serious. it
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encompasses everything, every aspect of your humanity. clowning is playing to spontanetiy. yesterday, we did the darma talk. saturday morning service. >> and today at 10:00, go to for more information. we will be back with more, coming up!
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>> we are bak. take a look
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at the sierra conditions. things are looking treachourous. chains are a must. it is balling there, we will be right back (music)
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at the same time.
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one: it kills the weeds you have - right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents new weeds from growing for up to four months. roundup extended control - kills and prevents. and play live, this is kron4 news. >> isabel: look at this deadly accident. it happened overnight. a sleepy weather related. it happened at the bank.the night. chp is referring date drivers to slow down. >> reporter: exercise of the fact that he be to be extra
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careful. the golden gate bridge of the right, you can see the store, for the most part is moving inland. you can take look at the goalie the breach. plenty of free the kidding.rain hitting. >>bryan: wet weather. worst will be here for the morning hours. gradually improving through the day. mostly cloudy skies. sunbreaks of sunshine. showers are vocational. they continue to be on the decrease. wrapping up by 10 or 11:00. high temperatures for today. cooler with clouds. they did-upper 50s. the 60s.
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redwood city = 64. " to view = 60. i will talk about the forecast coming up. coming up in a few minutes. >> isabel: they did this because under its of teachers and staff our point to be expected to pick slips. pervaded under contracts. this is the latest move. massive deficits are for some of them all to make deep cuts procuress up the account of the numbers. 538 tanks slips are going out. they are set to hand out to more than 100 notices. jeff pierce talk to the head of the california cuts. >> this was this you last spring. teachers throughout california were issued pick slips because of budget to shortfalls. they were eventually saved. they are
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taking a furlough days. sprint is brought upon us. the next round of layoffs are said. >> david said just used the crisis it association as he departed from the zero words enjoy about for abortion.. the e
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analyst's i want it that the public school year might have to be cut to bite several weeks. this is if current taxes are not extended. >> they are hoping it that they will extend to the cuts. >> where it read. it will be red it tuesday. march 50. the state's annual deadline. >> as that date approaches california teachers are worried is a probably did not create. >> wall street because it up but mitchell downfall got teachers.
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>> in the east bay. caltrans is a popular highway that is causing a huge debate. i with fohighway 4. caltrans crews are living trees to improve safety. they want to bake it less curvy. the work has residents worried about a fire that killed concerts.envir >> isabel: >> isabel: was man was
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>> de bad verse deserve a second chance if they leave the day.they are stepping up patrols. reggie kumar has more. >> reporter: >> reporter: which as self out. they are dealt with as the guardian angels. their focus is that they should district. jackie joined it so cal at 30 years old. she left at 80. >> i have see the drive by is. the saber figs most
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people have never wanted to see. i have seen people shot. i went to the police, they werent there . they said i# have tiyr vba >>
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>> a magnitutde 6.2 earth
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quake struck 4:30 our time. some alarm among the population. they are still recovering from a quake last year. >> coming up, a welcome home to a soldier who celebrates his 20th birthday.
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>> we are back. 909am. it is wet out there. we have, as we check, a 55 degrees at current. >> regime forces are re
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leaseing a new front in lybia. 120 miles east of the capitol. this is video from earlier today, evbels are fighting ack. they captured a port city. yemen is prompting a travel warning. us officials say to avodi yemen' the threat is extremely high. >> back here in the bay area a heroes welcome. this
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man, joe burns is home with a broken foot. >> the sweet sounds were for a young man. he arrived friday night. his 20th birthday mixed with a welcome home message. >> i am glad to be home. you guys are awesome. >> as for his mother. >> it is hard. painful to watch him not walk the way he is used to. >> he was in afganistan for 47 days. >> it was a recoy mission,
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just doing our job. (cheering & applause) >> welcome home (cheering & applause) >> as for walking mom is focused on wone thing at a time. i washed his toes as that is what is sticking out of his cast. >> reporting in san bruno, kron4. >> let us check in with henry. >> the story of san bruno mountain. may not sound exciting but encapsulatesd some running arguments,
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coming up.
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>> checking in with bryan. >> good sunday morning to you. periods of rain, it will be light to moderate. things are getting better by afternoon. on and off again showers, things continue to wind down. changing for next
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week. dry weather returns. here is how it looks. cooler on monday. colder air coming in. highs to mid and upper 50ès gusty winds, getting better tuesday and wed. the rain returns thurs. it may stay to the north, or not, we will see. see the green...that is the rain doming down. after this morning, it will be light and scattered. a few patches
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of yellow, brief periods. the trend through the eveining, transitioning through some showers. snow levels dropping, may creat a foot or more of snow. mid 50ès for santa rosa and napa. and, again on the light side. 7 day around the bay. blustery and windy. partly sunny skies. coming
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back up for tuesday and wednesday. chance for rain on thursday. >> (music)little boxes on the hill side... >> it is a pete seiger song, describing san bruno mountain, where they are builidng these houses. it was a famous song, based in the area. this is an exerpt from the film èbutterflies and bulldoersè we have the film makers. thank you for
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joinging us. will you describe what has gone on in the last 50 years >> it has been a long, long time. it is succesful that this is the largest open urban space. >> wow! the idea is it was not a simple battle. describe it. >> the mountain was owned by charlie tyker, privately owned and the rockafellers wanted to take the top of the mountain off and put it
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into the bay. >> sdave the bay was a great initiating movement of enviromentalism in the country >> yes, every group is fighting but it was not true 50 years ago. >> you are unbiased, you explain the conflict. >> we started interviewing people. these 2 young man move and try and protect the mountain and fall apart on the best ways to do that.
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so it is a small local story with bigger implentations. >> ok so where do they stand now. >> one of the points of the story, the mountain changed the endangered species act. it was a compromise. these habitat conservation plants are all around the country. can you have bothe the rights of property owners and environmentalists as the same person? >> good question. thank you
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very much for joing us. get more info at there website. for more about the movie, "butterflies and bulldozers"
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>> we are back. there we go, we are talking about the 11000 mile race in alaska. the dogs hit the trails
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yesterday. they have 9 days to make the trip, it can take up to 2 weeks. the winner wins a new truck. >> dozens of people linging the pubs with snuggies. they look warm. >> but wet. >> i am not sure i like the fashion statement. >> coming up saying goodbye to the space station for the last time.
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>> here is a look at lake tahoe.
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>> hello everyboday. starting this half an hour with an accident that happened around midnight. the driver veered into oncoming traffic. >> let us take a live look outside. this siis the golden gate bridge. some traffic.
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let us check in with bryamn. >> good sunday morning to you, the worst of the rain is going to improve. look for mostly cloudy skies. showers are occasional, hit and miss, on the decrease into the evening. high temps are cooler with clouds and rain in place. i will talk more about the forecast into next week in a few minutes. >> this story has school
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employees on edge. mandated pink slips. the latest move as the schools face edefecits involving massive cuts. 538 go out in oakland. 4723 in san francisco/. >> this was the scene last spring when teachers were issued pink slips. the jobs were saved with furlough days. spring is not yet here and the next round has been
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sent. >> that number is growing daily. >> on saturday a meeting told them they can no longer use furlough days to sve the teachers. david sanchez says it is very serious. >> we need to support this budget plan. (cheering & applause) >> the plan will save schools by extending tax policies. >> he is warning that the public school year will be
9:34 am
cut by several weeks if taxes are not extended. >> in june they will vote. >> wear red. we will protest "red tuesday" march 15th. the annual deadline for issued pink slips. >> they feel as though they are solving a problem, they did not create. >> in the east bay, residences are protesting a caltrans plant. it is hwy 85, a small roadway.
9:35 am
poipular for cummuters. there removing trees and making roads less curvy. here are some pics from yesterday. the project will ruin the scenic route. >> a vigil was held for a man who was gunned down last saturday. he lost his life after leaving the gang he was in.
9:36 am
2 woman were stabbed in this area as well. >> the gaurdian angels patrol the area on a volunteer basis. they spot gang related activity and report to the police department, this womn left when she was 138 after joing a gang at 13 years old. she joinged the gaurdian
9:37 am
angels because she feels there is not enough police support. they work every day patroling the area. >> it will be a bitter sweet good bye when the discovery returns to earth. it will be reitred ad sent to a muesume. they delivered and
9:38 am
installed a new storage department. >> still ahead. a brutal attack on a man have police combing the area for suspects.
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>> and we are back. here is a live look. plenty wet still. >> a san jose man is in critical condition after 15 people attacked him while he was waiting for his train. >> a brutal assault, p
9:42 am
olice have not yet had a cess to the surveillance video. there may not be any. >> this long weekend for vendors setting up shop in san francisco, hoping to score some licenses which involved waiting in line. >> there are better slots you can get, it is first come first serve. >> food vendors offer a
9:43 am
variety of food at affordable prices. >> let us check in with henry. >> a smart comedian coming up
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>> comics open up ar is a a
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>> isabel: via this is the picture of the golden gate bridge. ah are you cannot see the headlights. as you can see there is rainfall over update. >> marty: fairly consistent theme. >>bryan: could sunday morning. wet weather. we will see a summary. they and some will get better. we have the right things will be added here. on and off showers. occasional light showers throughout the afternoon. things are winding down for this evening. these are changes for next week. we will seek dry weather returning. here is how it looks. on monday. schooler. i believe that
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this system some colder air coming in. here are the highest. at the low 60s. with gusty winds. we see things getting better. mostly sunny. temperatures below-mid-60s. there really will return for thursday. the storm is still a question mark. it could say to the north. maybe not. keeping a chance for some rain. patras' antenna and especially the green. it is the rain coming down. notice below. show of precipitation. what we see this party things will be relatively light in scattered. as for what we see into the afternoon there are a few patches of deal. will pick -- yellow. watch the trends. we will things
9:49 am
are picking up. as the storm is transitions into the sierra we are dropping the storm is a tropical aviatrix of distillate oils are purely high. 6,000 ft. 43 they will be dropping sh producing subsidiary. perhaps a foot or more of snow. high temperatures into the low 60s. high 50s. the temperatures are the coolest in the north a. mid-50s = a rosette.santa rosa. monday is blustery and breast with strong winds. partly at to mostly sunny skies. we coming back up for tuesday and wednesday. setting. more departures. haven't you
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cannot spread the truth if you do not have the vocabulary. idiots. to know what the the public is of of our credit? they listened to us. >>henry: for those of you that made it to the 10th grade and are watch list the key to see to our next guest. she is a stand-up comic. he is hubris and he describes it as a comedian. he is still a show of will tell you the details. it is different. you are on stage with an audience. it is, the. >> we have doors locked. can i put to the bathroom. is it. >>henry: he tends to be topical but a is free range in terms of the human condition. then i guess that
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is correct. >>henry: so for a simple your last show was about to buy cigarettes and what form of want. that it was what people wanted to see. each of the key tackles her religion. the holocaust. all of the taboos. >> sex, politics, race and religion. when i write a show a peasant art to it. this is a show about the guy who loses his memory. he doesn't know he believes in. i cannot tell the difference of truth alicia. talent or steroids. investments or better. i cannot tell. my memory is shot. >>henry: i do not care how bad the exit was do you have sex, politics race and religion. their top of a lion keeper.
9:52 am
>> yes it has skill. you look at it from a different view. what could strip away. least of the show. a preconceived idea. we teach them up so religion. >> her religion. on sunday all of the people who believe our church. but let us put religion and sex to get there. >>henry: that does not appear you're going to far. there wrote what is safe sex? it is entitled to an argument. this the same marriage. men same sex over and over again. we try and send it with over and over. both parties, they have terrible the tallies. they've played fierce so if
9:53 am
we celebrate both parties and come by both parties into the super after-hours party we call ourselves the republicans. if we cannot agree on that we call ourselves democrats. he can take if she's a you can combine. this is what the character does. had to wrestle with these questions. with speaking to the personal how do you feel about it obama? >>henry: we are such and knee-jerk society. based on calling me after? >> sort of. the get off on it. we so much damage has occurred. i didn't like that people are trying as hard as they can. look up the mess. we cannot even remember problems. the extent i just
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got word is that to we have a break-in in this. i have to tell people that free trade will placate this april 9th. had the feel of the market better be imported. isabelle? no we are going to break all the vigor of the breaking news is. we will be picked up with breaking this.
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monday about the wretched brachiate this.breaking news a blocking traffic. no info.
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we will bring it tonite.
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